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SouthStar Emergency Medical Service offers a full scope of transportation options, from Emergency/Non-Emergency Ambulance to Wheelchair and Stretcher Van. We have specialized modes of transportation to suit the client's level of mobility, whether ambulatory, wheelchair-bound or bed-confined.  Our dispatchers will send the appropriate vehicle and staff to meet the need based on the level of disability and urgency required, ranging from ambulance or paratransit.


SouthStar EMS also offers Air Ambulance service for long-distance transportation. Call us today at 706-863-9800.




From one Event Medic to a large team, we can custom create the level of coverage required and as determined by your organization. Inside or outside, we are ready to be of service.


Pre-planning dates: we come to you to review the geography of the event and make sure we have planned out adequate coverage for maximum safety of the participants and patrons/guests.


Our Event Medic Team will work closely with you to provide the medical services you desire at very reasonable fees.


SouthStar has a long history of providing professional medical coverage at a variety of events not only in Metro Augusta but all over the state of Georgia & South Carolina.  We can handle the entire arrangements of first aid and transport options at your event.  We have provided ambulance teams at The Atlanta Motor Speedway with attendees exceeding 100,000! We know we can exceed your expectations for on-site professional medical coverage for ambulance services & first aid.


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Event Stand-By

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